Welcome to McNally Land Surveyors, Inc.
Bangor and Patten, Maine

If you live, work or operate a business in Maine and require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, call us to discuss your options.

Ownership in real estate is a significant investment. A boundary survey of your property helps protect that investment. Be sure you know what you are buying or selling. At minimum, consider consulting us for a Deed Description Review at a reasonable rate.

Do you have a construction project either small or complex to design or build? McNally Land Surveyors can prepare a topographic map to facilitate its completion.

We provide services for mapping lakes and ponds, trail systems, athletic field layout, cemetery plots and more.

Flood insurance is a trending issue. If you live in a flood hazard area, then be prepared to pay flood insurance. Lending institutions and insurance companies are searching their databases to find homeowners who are located in flood zones, then requiring them to obtain flood insurance. McNally Land Surveyors can help to possibly eliminate the insurance or get you a reduced rate with an elevation survey.

Visit the Maine State Planning Office - Floodplain Management Program website for more information.

We offer the services to suit your needs. If you live in Maine, give McNally Land Surveyors a call.