Welcome to McNally Land Surveyors, Inc.
Bangor and Patten, Maine

If you live, work or operate a business in Maine and require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, call us to discuss your options.

Ownership in real estate is a significant investment. A boundary survey of your property helps protect that investment. Be sure you know what you are buying or selling. At minimum, consider consulting us for a Deed Description Review at a reasonable rate.

Do you have a construction project either small or complex to design or build? McNally Land Surveyors produces a topographic maps that can facilitate its completion.

We provide services for mapping lakes and ponds, trail systems, athletic field layout, cemetery plots and more.

Flood insurance is a trending issue. If you live in a flood hazard area, then you may be required to carry flood insurance. Typically, when lending institutions are required for the mortgage of a home, they require the owner to purchase flood insurance. McNally Land Surveyors can help to possibly eliminate the insurance or get you a reduced rate with an elevation survey.

Visit the Maine State Planning Office - Floodplain Management Program website for more information.

We offer the services to suit your needs. If you live in Maine, give us a call.